Thursday, March 1, 2007

high class + low brow = Robyn

OK, perhaps I wouldn't be considered HIGH class, but I needed it in order for my title to work, and I think I have SOME class. But today's movie choice was "Reno: 911," and I thought the preview looked really funny. When I told this to people, they looked at me like I was insane. People also mocked me for seeing "Norbit," but please see my reason in post below. I was concerned that it may be one of those movies where all of the funny parts are in the preview and then the rest of the movie sucks. I should have been clued in when I was the only person in the theater. Let me save you the trouble: all the funny parts are in the trailer. The best part is the unattractive women on the beach saying "Don't be hatin'." Other than that, may I recommend saving your hard-earned dough?

Changing subjects, I am a very bad mommy. I let Suggs outside this morning (it's very cold and very windy here right now) and then I forgot about her and went to Santa Fe from 9 am to 9 pm. I didn't even give her food or water. Luckily, her new daddy is going to make a run home to rescue her to save me from driving home from Santa Fe and then back again for my next class. Yes, I would do this for my kitties. If she's hungry enough, she may be brave enough to come in when he (referred to by Suggs as "That Guy") opens the door. She probably couldn't be cold enough for that, though.

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