Saturday, September 10, 2011

"Who" hates owls? Me? Hmmm

I've always been a bit frightened of owls. They are creepy to me. Especially barn owls. But for some reason, despite the shudder factor, owls are unbelievably cute in cartoon form. My son's infant carrier, stroller and high chair are the Little Hoot print from Graco.

It wasn't until I was knitting up this hat for Brock's Halloween costume that I remembered my feelings of terror lack of fondness for owls. This hat, though, is not scary. And I'm sure Brock will make a very appealing owl.

 The pattern can be found for free at Hammer & Thread
For those on Ravelry, my project can be found here.

This project was cheap, quick and pretty easy, if you read directions. I made mistakes because I didn't read directions carefully enough.

It's much cuter on a baby's head, so I'll share some pictures of that later. I'm going to make him the wings out of felt. Brock is in a hat-refusal stage, so if I can just get a few pictures out of this, I'll be thrilled.

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Jdel: said...

i love your blog. you are so talented, and the name is perfect. also that owl hat is perfect and something like that goes for $50 at Urban Outfitters!