Friday, September 9, 2011

Last month, my brother and his family came from Maine for a very rare trip. We had to do more than our fair share of photos. Of course, our parents are divorced, so we ended up with two photoshoots.
This first one is done by my friend Sonya Cogan of Sonya Cogan Photography. I really like how the reeds look behind us and all of the color. She can also be found on Facebook.

These pictures are with my family, my brother's family and my mom.

All of us together

A couple of my mom with her grandkids. Brock is the only one she gets to see regularly.

Below are a bunch of Mark, Brock and me. Brock was sick and not his usual jovial self. He wanted to suck his thumb the entire time. Then there were the ants biting us...

The following pictures were taken with my dad and stepmom's side of the family. They involve my Dad and Vi, my stepsister Carlene, my stepsister Josette's kids (she had a delayed flight and didn't make it to the pictures), my brother and his family and the three of us. I don't know the photographer's name.

Dad and Vi with all of their grandkids, above.

The whole family, except my stepsister Josette, who had a delayed flight. Her kids are in the pic, though.

Mark, Brock and me.

The three of us with my dad and Vi.

This one is sweet!

Daddy and Brock

Ryan, Charity and their kids. (My bro)

All the grandkids, ages 1-19

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