Sunday, September 18, 2011


I thought I remembered being the mother of a baby. But it seems like there is no baby 'round here. He is a little boy now, and he's rocking the Bieber look. Sorta.

Yes, Daddy has hair envy and likes to spend time blow-drying and gelling Brock's hair.

Brock is 14 months old. He runs around like a pro. Well, actually, he falls down at least once every minute. I attribute much of this to the fact that he carries a receiving blanket everywhere he goes like Linus. This is a relatively new thing since I now allow him to have one in his bed when he sleeps. When he starts to fuss, I hand him the blanket, he pops his thumb in his mouth, and it's whimper, whimper ... breathe, breathe ... calm, calmmmm ... everything is better.

He also drags it on the floor and trips on it constantly. He doesn't really speak at all yet, other than "dad" "hi" and "hey." Mostly he points and says "Ss" if he wants something. I recall back to when my brother started to talk and then regressed, deciding it was easier to have your entire vocabulary be grunts and make everyone else decipher them. A few times it seems Brock has said "dat?" when he heard something that made him curious.

He has become the world's worst eater. We're down to fruit, lunch meat and oatmeal, mostly. Put something in his mouth he doesn't want, and he pushes it right back out down onto his shirt. The rest goes on the floor. Since I am also an irritatingly picky eater, I try to keep my patience.

He's also been picking up colds a lot (twice in a month) and teething his molars, so things have been a little rough. He's a trooper, though. No more play places where all the babies lick all of the items!

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Emily said...

He's so cute! I love his bieber locks!!