Friday, March 11, 2011

New and improved!

Hi everyone! After a good year and a half of neglect, I have updated my blog a little bit.

I have added "pages" up at the top for easy access to some of my favorite things. Many of those topics also remain on the sidebar for the time being. I think the saddest part is that there aren't comments on the pages, as opposed to posts, so where will the religious nuts leave their brave, anonymous hate messages to me?

One of the pages has my sewing/needlework projects. It's a time consuming process, so I have only managed to make it back through 2009. I'll add the ones before that eventually.

Anyway, I hope this makes Additional Jesus so exciting that you can't wait to check back for more! I should also add that I have been on a roll when it comes to crafting. During my pregnancy and Brock's early months, I just didn't have time or motivation. But now, well, LOOK OUT!

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