Monday, March 8, 2010

A dude's dude

Phew. I've been so busy lately. Appointments, (my other blog) projects, etc. etc.

I'm 22 weeks along now and I have started on the nursery. My wonderful Mumsy is going to come and help me sew some of it. I won't actually have the room prepared for months yet, but I wanted to get started.


You know the thing with husbands? I think they should just stop having opinions about things. Things like nursery decor ... and baby names. Just leave me alone and let me do whatever I want. If I want to name the baby Alloicious, so what? I have no idea how to spell it, but it's a name my sixth-grade English teacher was strangely obsessed with.

Anyway, it seems my nursery decor concepts were very sissy-like, so we have come up with this fabric spread:


No sissies there! Rarrrrrrrr. I must say that I've become rather excited about the dinos, and even ordered a handmade dinosaur mobile and knitted dinos from etsy. I don't have them yet, but I'll show you when I get them.

I'm making the nursery decor from those fabrics above and Vogue pattern 7245. I'm thinking of going with the light blue for the walls, to help brighten the room a little. You may recognize all but the dino fabric from handbags I've made before, like this one, and this one.

Today I went to Hip Stitch, an Albuquerque fabric shop and sewing lounge, to cut the nursery fabrics. I needed a counter-height table with lots of space, since crawling around on the floor is getting increasingly less fun.
I also got some great fabrics there that I'll show you later when I get a chance to photograph them.


Emily said...

Cute!! I really like your fabrics. Hopefully the nesting phase hits me at some point. Right now I'm stuck in the "couch phase." I'm excited to see your progress!! said...

like the dinos