Thursday, December 17, 2009

Finally finished

In October, a friend at work commissioned me to make a shawl for his mom for Christmas. He offered to pay, but really, it took so many hours that it would have cost $700. Or $1,000. I started it Oct. 31 and finished it Dec. 15, working on it about two hours a day almost every day. Seriously. I'm not a slow knitter, but it sure takes me a while to finish projects. And I get very impatient and bored with things. And let me say for the record, I will not be doing any more requests for anyone.

Adagio shawl,knitting

I had motivation, though, because I had a deadline. I did it, and I think it came out beautiful.

Adagio shawl,knitting

The pattern is a vintage pattern called the Adagio shawl. If you're on Ravelry, you can see my link here, and find your way to the pattern.

Adagio shawl,knitting

I used Knit Picks City Tweed dk yarn, about 9.5 balls of it. It's a beautiful, soft tweed. I used the colorway Orca.

Adagio shawl,knitting

I used size 7 needles, but found it to be too tight despite having knit a swatch. It stretched nicely upon blocking, though. I did initially have trouble with the k3tog at the beginning, because it was too tight to get the needle into three stitches at once. I panicked, but nobody else seemed to mention this problem on Ravelry. I found a substitute stitch that makes the same effect (SSK, then pass that stitch to left needle, pass third stitch over it and off, then pass stitch back to right needle.), though it was much more time consuming. After a few rows, however, the fabric loosened up and I was easily able to k3tog.

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Marissa said...

Very nice- great color for such a classic piece.

Kylie said...

Beautiful shawl I would wear it in a flash! I'm totally in awe of knitters I just dont have the patience and get totally confused following patterns and then if I make a mistake ahhhh! Thanks for commenting on my blog Bengigo is a very nice place, have a Merry Christmas from The Land Down Under:)

Kylie said...

And that would be Bendigo not Bengigo, actually named after the guy who first found gold there Abendigo, random info!

machen und tun said...

wow, great shawl, love it!!

moongipsies said...

it turned out fabulously ♥