Friday, September 25, 2009

Kind of iffy on this one

handbags, totes,embroidery

Mark was telling some men about the handbags I make/made. I no longer have a business doing that, but a couple of guys thought about getting something for their girlfriends/wives.

One of them had no idea what he wanted, so I just made something up as I went. Mark asked if I'd be willing to just give it to the guy, because he's done a lot for Mark in the past. I had no problem with that at all.

But I'm not so sure I did a worthwhile job on this one. Maybe I should make something else. For one thing, the embroidery should have gone up higher. Second, I just don't really like how the interior looks, and also the straps. Maybe the part between the rings and the bag should have been shorter?

embroidery,handbags, totes

For the embroidery, I sort of just did it freehand using a couple of shades that are similar. They are ever-so-slightly different, enough to give it a bit of depth and texture.

embroidery,handbags, totes

The interior is entirely in the red fabric.

embroidery,handbags, totes

As if I don't have enough picture-taking challenges, it was windy and the sun was setting.

4 comments: said...

I think it turned out great. Especially the embroidery.

Kerry said...

I love it - I would be happy if I received that as a gift. I think we are more critical of our work than someone who wasn't around for the construction process, because whenever I make something that I am less than thrilled with and wear it, everyone comments on how great it is and doesn't look home sewn (all the while I am saying 'what are you kidding me? It looks like a 4th grader sewed it in the dark').

machen und tun said...

i love it, too! and especially the (position of) the embroidery - the woman who gets it will be so happy!!

Amy said...

it's gorgeous, and i think that the embroidery is in the most perfect place!