Saturday, December 13, 2008

Where bad art goes to die

I am not a person with an appreciation for fine art. Call me uncultured, I don't care. I jut don't know anything about it and don't really get into it.

Today, I was tearing away the pages of my Ripley's Believe It or Not! day-at-a-time calendar, which I don't seem to look at for months at a time, and found that yesterday's page had an entry about a museum of BAD art.


Naturally, I checked it out, and you can too by clicking here: MOBA, Art Too Bad To Be Ignored.

The art is bad, but the descriptions really make the site. I especially like the one where a man painted something and sent it to a friend, who sent it right back. He was sad, but didn't want it on his own wall, either. He found out about the Museum of Bad Art and knew he had found a home for this fine painting.

It's super-duper funny that much of the art is discovered in trash cans. And funnier yet that a lot of the rest is donated directly by the humbled artist himself.

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