Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Neverending Job -- kind of like "The Neverending Story," but without a cute luck dragon

I've been busy. Very busy. You see, we finally decided to have our house painted inside. We still had the original, boring, white paint. And plenty of scuffs to go with it.

We bought lots and lots of paint with a rebate special at Home Depot. Then we hired a guy named "Snake" to do the painting at a reasonable rate. You will probably not be surprised when I tell you that hiring a guy covered in tattoos and named Snake was not a good idea. He was, well, a laid-back kind of guy. As in, why show up for scheduled painting days or consultations? What's the big deal in having someone move all their furniture and everything and then not show up? Can't people just sleep in the hall until whenever you can show up?

Well, because our bedroom was an unusable disaster, I decided we'd paint it ourselves. And we've been doing so for days now. We just finished the bedroom and are moving on to the bathroom today. I've just been doing what I can before work every day. It's probably the hardest part of the house because our bedroom/master bath have a lot weird little angled walls -- basically, it's far from a nice square. So far, though, it's just such a great difference!

Photos to come ...

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