Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy rise-from-the-dead-day, Additional Jesus!

Actually, did Additional Jesus get to rise from the dead like his more-important brother, Real Jesus? I'm really not sure.

(See here for more on Additional Jesus)

My brother called briefly on Easter. He said he was having apple pie from that day's Easter festivities. I said, "I bet Jesus loved apple pie." He said, "Why do you think he came out from behind that rock? He smelled apple pie." I don't know. I mean, my parents tried to take us to church, but look at what infidels we've become.

Worse yet is my husband, who is Catholic. From what I know, Catholics are pretty involved in church. I mean, baptism, Mass all the time, catechism, Midnight Mass. It just seems that if you're raised Catholic, you get exposed to lots of church stuff. So I was rather surprised when my husband referred to Easter Sunday as the day "they stole his body." And his sister said, "I think it rose from the grave, Mark." And he looked a little sheepish, then said, "No. They stole it," like we all really know what happened.

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