Friday, January 25, 2008

My mom says I'm famous

I don't know if I'm quite there yet, but I was featured in the February edition of Albuquerque the Magazine. It turned out not to be in the actual magazine, but in a separate bridal magazine that is packaged with it.
Albuquerque the Magazine is a really nice, slick magazine about the Duke City area. It does a great job of featuring locals and letting residents know what's going on and who's who.
I posted earlier about how I was approached to do a project in which I would take an ugly bridesmaids dress and give it new life. I did one handbag and one apron, with my mom helping equally on the apron. It's on pages 14 and 17 if anyone has one handy.

I've scanned the pages, but either my scanner is awful or it's just much smarter than I am.


Oh, and I'm so glad I wore something that would thoroughly clash with both items I made.

I guess I should add, for anyone who stumbles upon this and screams "What TALENT!" upon seeing my creations, I do sell my items at Burst of Happiness, and my smiley, cheerful self is waiting over there for you to drop by.

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