Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Hey! "First" rhymes with "worst"!

I came across these awful pictures of me at age 10 the other day. I was torn between burning them and keeping my awful little secret to myself and sharing them with the world to give everyone a good laugh at my expense.

I remember this hairdo. It was my first real hairdo -- the first one that I decided on myself and asked my mom to take me to the salon.


What's that? You want a closer look? Well, you asked for it.


We went to Fantastic Sams. I wanted feathered hair, like my friend Tamara's. We were and still are best friends. We had to get feathered hair at the same time (it was 1984, after all). In the end, hers looked much more "feathered." She pointed out that she didn't get a perm. I had gotten a perm. Doh! Thus, I looked like a 50-year-old woman in a fifth-grader's body. Tamara was always a step ahead of me (or a hundred steps) on the coolness scale because she had an older sister to learn from. I just had my mom, and she had this hair:


What's that? You want a closer look?


(This is a test to see if she reads my blog, in which case I may not be of this Earth much longer. So, just in case she sees this, I'd like to say that my mom has very nice hair now. Very stylish and pretty. She's the most beautiful lady.)


plasticpumpkin said...

Your mom has my mom's glasses from the 80s.

Robyn said...

Come to think of it, she was exactly the age I am now in this picture. That's weird to think about. If I had a daughter right now who wanted that hairdo, I'd beat her. My mom was sweet, though, and just took me to the hair place.

T-shirt Face said...

I believe you got that style to match your father's (me).

Babycakes said...

I will be checking your blog daily for more damaging photos.
Mommy dearest

mpinkalla said...

Robyn- it's your mom's pal who lives over the wall... Man, as a fellow grower of "full bodied hair", I feel your pain with the entire "feathered" look. We barely had mousse in the 80's, let alone straightening irons! But it was 1984, you were right on target with the look- a little Ric Ocasek with a hefty dose of Duran Duran/ Van Halen.... Actually, you're ENTIRELY screaming "Jo" from Facts of Life.
But what I REALLY love though is the Members Only jacket you're sporting. You were WAY before your time with that!

Love Joanne

PS: Your Mom totally looks like Gene Shalit- ask her to forward the photo I found!!