Thursday, October 27, 2011

And a giraffe was born

... reallllly slowly. It was a long and drawn out labor that lasted over a year and a half. But here he is. A big, heavy, yellow, squishy friend for Brock.

 I started making this sucker in March 2010 when I was pregnant. I got the torso and part of the head done during the last few months of my most miserable pregnancy.

The pattern called for 11 spots, but I really felt like that was asking too much.

After all this time, I was so close to being finished. No way I was making and sewing on five more spots. Six seemed sufficient.

Brock pretended to like it for all of half a second, and somehow I caught that on camera.

I filled the bottoms of the feet and the bottom of the torso with dried beans. Later, I wondered if they might rot at some point. 


All those pom-poms. I gave in and bought a pom-pom maker because people were raving about them on Ravelry. I guess it was simple enough. But ... well, see below.

I interrupt this project review to share my wee boy Brock, 15 months going on 5 years old.

So it took him less than 2 minutes from the time I finished photographing it (which was 2 minutes after I finished making it) to rip off one of the pom-poms and destroy it. Here are the remnants. I don't even know how to feel. I wasn't mad. I wasn't really sad. Just defeated.

It's still pretty cute though, and maybe it just needs to sit on a high shelf for a while till this little monkey boy is ready to play nice.

This project is from "Itty-Bitty Toys." I made a Wrap-Me-Up Puppy from it, too.

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