Thursday, May 27, 2010

Right around the corner -- 33 weeks

I have just been swamped lately, but I wanted to stop in and say that I'm 6.5 weeks from baby time, and I am doing well. My belly is huge, and I started gaining real weight, as in fat, a while back, so I'm feeling a bit pudgy. But I shouldn't have too much to lose in actual fat weight.

I've had no strange cravings. My only cravings are sugary foods and pizza, especially from Venezia's Pizzeria. I can't get enough of that stuff. Thus the fat. This lady at work says she craved ... wait for it ... vegetables. Damn her.

We have one more ultrasound next week (week 34). That's been planned for some time, but four visits ago the baby measured (using a tape measure and my belly) right on target. Then three visits ago he was 2 weeks big. Two visits ago, she didn't measure for some reason. And this week he was 2 weeks small, which has my baby daddy worried that his son will grow up to be a shrimp. I'm not too worried, though. There can be many reasons for those measurements and my doctor did not seem concerned. They'll check on his growth and amniotic fluid next week.

I'm just getting the room ready. My baby shower is Saturday, and I'm both excited and nervous, because fun as it sounds, I always get a little shy being the center of attention like that!


Marissa said...

Have a wonderful shower! Geesh, your pregnancy went by really fast for me!

Amy said...

I kind of hated my baby showers for the same reason. I mean, I love parties. But I really stressed out about the gift-opening. I wanted to make sure that I had an authentic and unique reaction for each present. And that is kind of exhausting.