Monday, May 31, 2010

Baby shower!

Saturday was my baby shower, and it was lots of fun. At least, it was fun for me. It had a great turnout. I felt so touched that so many people came. And their generosity was amazing. They helped us out so much.

My mom hosted it at her house with the help of my in-laws. Here are me and my mom. I'm just shy of 34 weeks here.

Baby shower

Yeah, I didn't realize how much weight I'd gained till I saw my flabby arms in these photos. My arms are usually among my best parts.

They made an amazing spread of food, and the house looked beautiful.

Baby shower

Holy cow, that's a lot of gifts!

Baby shower

I got some great ones. I loved the Sleep Sheep, which is a portable white noise machine that you can hang on your baby's car seat to keep him sleeping while out and about.

Baby shower

A bunch of co-workers went in together and made me this amazing basket full of essentials!

Baby shower

And if baby gets to be too naughty, I can float him down the Rio Grande in this Moses basket!

My baby daddy stopped by for a quick hello and felt a bit awkward.

Baby shower

And one last random picture, my swing. I wanted a fairly compact one to save on space. This one's portable.

Baby shower

You would not even believe how much clothes this baby has! We are very blessed to have such caring friends and family!


Emily said...

First of all, you look amazing! Secondly, I feel you on the arm flab problem. While your arms still look great to me, my arms got extra flabby right away...yuck! Third, when we were in the shuttle on the way to the airport this weekend, I met a lady who was flying to Albuquerque, and I thought of you :) Glad your shower went well!

Amy said...

For one, you are out of your cotton-picking mind. You look freaking gorgeous. For two, you don't know from arm flab, honey! Since the latest in a long string of bodily horrors that began with getting pregnant is that I can actually feel my arm flab jiggle when I wave. Which I have to do all the time now, since Mia's new favorite thing to do is wave at me. I can see the jiggling out of the corner of my eye every single time. I think it's taunting me. said...

What a haul! And... you look fabulous to me....

machen und tun said...

yes, you do look very beautiful!! love that dress and congrats on those tons of nice gifts :-)