Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Look at my fancy new stuff

We got new bedroom furniture. We were replacing this old stuff that belonged to Mark's parents when they got married:

It now looks like this:

(I'm trying to figure out what to do about the ugly part showing through at the end of the bed.)

The disappointing part: This set includes the two largest nightstands ever created by mankind, and they do not fit in our room. They are really cool nightstands:

They feature a drawer with built in charger plugs for your phone and such:


They come with a bed tray that props up or lays flat, and folds and fits neatly in a drawer:


They have a pull out tray:


They have other drawers, too. And then they have these little brass decorations that when touched turn on a nightlight underneath the nightstand.


We had to use one nightstand as the TV stand, shown above. The other one has to find a home. As for what we use as nightstands, I'm trying to figure out something smaller, yet nice looking.

On to other things:

My "Tilted Duster" sweater is coming along, though it doesn't look like much right now:

knitting projects

knitting projects

And my October socks are moving a bit slowly, but I'm almost to the heels:

socks, knitting projects, knitting

We've painted most of the kitchen. We have a couple of walls in the den to do, and then we will have to let a pro finish the rest of the house with the high ceilings. I can nearly see the end of the painting for me! I'll post kitchen pictures when it's complete.

Tomorrow, I am going to go see a Toby Keith concert. I know, COUNTRY. But Toby Keith is A-OK, in my book.

That's about it for me right now.


Amy said...

you know what I did for that mattress thing, robyn? I bought a single fitted sheet and put it over the box spring. I just leave it there. now you can't even notice!

p.s. i llloooOOOooove toby keith.

Robyn said...

Amy! This is such a fabulous idea! Much less complicated than all the ridiculous ideas I was coming up with, like carefully attaching an extension piece of fabric to the end of the bedspread with millions of safety pins.