Thursday, September 4, 2008

Let's catch up

I have been a busy, busy person lately. Random things:

1. Went to Vegas and saw Kiss. It was a-w-e-s-o-m-e. Kiss puts on an amazing show. I forgot my camera, so these are cell phone pictures. Mark got to interview Paul Stanley and all the Kiss members (two original) signed a cardboard Kiss poster he bought 30 years ago. When they got to "Rock & Roll All Night," about a billion pieces of confetti were released, creating a total white-out.

KISS concert
KISS concert

2. Been painting some more. I'm really sick of it. Here is the downstairs bathroom, which is much cooler in real life. I'm in the process of spray painting those shelves black, but naturally I ran out of spray paint halfway through:

home repair

3. Everything in my shop is still on sale as I try to go out of business. It's all marked down to 25% off -- handbags, totes and more.
Burst of Happiness

4. Finished these socks, but they suck. They are too wide and too short. There are just many things wrong with them, but I can wear them around the house. I call them Feets Afire

socks, knitting projects, knitting

5. I'm done with these bamboo/merino socks. They have some problems because they were the first project where I've striped with different yarns. But they look good from this angle:

socks, knitting projects, knitting

6. I've started these "Thanksgiving socks," as Mark refers to them. The pattern is "Campfire Socks" available free if you click that link:

socks, knitting projects, knitting

7. Getting ready to start two sweaters:
Tilted Duster in an apple green:

knitting projects

"Soldier's Sweater" from "Runway Knits" in a burgundy/brown color:

knitting projects

8. All this painting and knitting has my hands hurting, big time. I've taken two days off of knitting and painting and I'm feeling better. I also heard taking vitamin B6 is helpful, so I'm doing that, and I ordered these nerdy therapeutic gloves for use while knitting:


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