Sunday, February 17, 2008

It's Chickenbone Jones!!!

My friend Chickenbone Jones (also known as Amy) was in Albuquerque for a visit. We went to college together, so after we ate lunch, we walked over to UNM's campus with her husband, Sr. Chickens, and another of her college friends, Heather. We wandered around for old times' sake and were pissed about how much they've fixed things up, especially in our old communications and journalism building, where we spent so much time. It doesn't seem fair that it was so much crappier when we were there, and I feel I should get a partial refund.

Amy suggested that we take a picture to document the gathering of great blogging minds. Unfortunately, by this point we had eaten lots of pizza and spent a lot of time in the wind. So if you could just not look at our bellies. Or our hair. Or, really, our faces, either, cuz this pictures ain't doing mine any favors.


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T-shirt Face said...

Heck, when I went to the university all they had was a couple of adobe huts and a corral for the rich kids' horses. And there was always 3 feet of snow to walk through. And we liked it.