Friday, December 28, 2007


I never get blog comments. This may have something to do with the fact that nobody reads my blog, but lately I've gotten a few. And they are both this crap:

Hello I just entered before I have to leave to the airport, it's been very nice to meet you, if you want here is the site I told you about where I type some stuff and make good money (I work from home): here it is

Who would really click the link? Can I please have some real, nice people, non-spam comments? Please?


Paula Manning-Lewis said...

Hi Robyn,
Sorry to hear about the spam comments, I hate those! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Have a Happy New Year!

Paula :)

T-shirt Face said...

Why those sorry spamming ***s. Click here for free information on internet Rx's.

Christy said...

I'll leave a message...I love, love, love your bags! (And that's not spam, that's honesty). I'm a fellow copy editor...that's how I found your site. And, again, I LOVE your bags! and aprons for that matter!