Sunday, May 6, 2012

Brock star for a day

Brock got to be in the paper. His dad and I both work there, so it was really more just luck. They needed a cute little guy to illustrate a parenting story and thought of Brock. The section editor kept thanking us, and we're like, "Shouldn't we be thanking you?" This is totally awesome!

What's even better is that the title is, "Raising the Perfect Child." I mean, could've been a story about dealing with nightmarish toddlers or something, right?

Sage is one of the Albuquerque Journal's magazines -- an occasional insert designed for women printed up on lovely glossy. The story didn't feature him or us. He was just the "photo illustration." But there was a little blurb about him on the story inside:

Mark and I also wrote a little blog on our parenting philosophies for the website. You can find that here.

Here are some pictures from the photoshoot. These photos are courtesy Morgan Petroski/Albuquerque Journal.

Also exciting was when they decided to do some billboard ads with him.

Digital image of billboard

Actual billboard

OK, was that obnoxious enough for you? Sorry to be such a braggart, how often does your kiddo get to do something like this and be on a billboard? So, thanks for putting up with me!


Jdelcurto said...

oooh! where is the billboard? that is so awesome.

Isabelle said...

WOW! How cool! In the mag AND on the billboard!
He is definitely a star!

Emily said...  Those pictures are the cutest!!!!  It must be fun to have a famous kid :)

Jane Winkler said...

Dapper yet approachable! Found your blog while searching for "Uptown Coat."  I'm a fellow sewer/knitter in the Abq area.