Friday, February 11, 2011

My new-but-really-old Singer

I have a new family member to introduce you to! It's my new Singer, which is older than I am.

sewing room

I got it from eBay Singerman12, who fully refurbishes and tests the machines he sells. It's adorable and tiny and extremely heavy. That's because it is made of all metal, in a they-sure-don't-make-'em-like-the-used-to kind of way.

sewing room

It's an industrial strength machine, which means it can handle thick, heavy fabric in a way my Kenmore can't.

sewing room

It's basic. It can only do a straight stitch. It came with lots of presser feet to do gathering, piping, zippers, etc., but no zig-zag, overcast or blind hem. But that's fine, because I can use my Kenmore for that. I was having some trouble doing free-motion quilting because the fabric was catching on the face plate. Then I noticed the metal was all chewed up, I guess from the needle striking it. The sewing machine repair shop said it was from sewing too-heavy fabric and forcing it through, thus bending the needle slightly out of whack.

Now I can get my Kenmore fixed up and use my Singer for heavy-duty work!

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façon à la mode said...

I used to have that, too!!;)