Saturday, June 19, 2010

3-1/2 weeks to go

I simply cannot believe I'm so close to having this bebe! I'm completely ready and not the least bit scared. I think I may get a bit freaked out when I actually enter the hospital, because hospitals just don't impart a good feeling in you. Maybe that's the appeal of home births for some people. I don't think I realized this until I went on a tour of the maternity areas today.

The thing I like about my hospital is that it's very mother/baby friendly. It's pretty much automatic that you're expected to room with your baby. You'd have to go out of your way to have it kept in the nursery. It's pretty much automatic that you're to breast-feed, too. I mean, it's your choice, but I had heard other people talk about nurses formula feeding babies without permission, and I guess that won't be an issue where I'm going. It's also very partner-friendly, encouraging fathers to play their really important part in everything. I like that they give you skin-to-skin contact with baby for the first hour of life. All these things were important to me, but I thought I'd have to request them.

As for how I'm feeling:
Remember the severe mid-back pain I whined about all of the time? Well, for whatever reason, that disappeared. It seemed to coincide with when the baby moved into the right side of my belly. I don't know why he likes hanging out with his head shoved into my pelvic bone, but I sure do feel better.

On the negative side, my feet and ankles started swelling something awful. And now that it's so hot, I feel compelled to cover up with long pants instead of wearing breezy dresses. It's a dignity thing. It's easy to tell me not to care, but I do care. I have very few ways in which I can feel like a decent-looking human being. Therefore, I do what I can. A pedicure, eyebrow wax, makeup, style my hair. Shave my legs, you know. I still look like a cow, but at least I TRY to be pretty. Sometimes I try to hide all of the bad stuff with inappropriately fancy jewelry. I'm not sure if it's foolin' anyone.

I'm totally prepared for the baby, as far as supplies and the nursery go. And mentally and physically, too. Actually, I have not done my Kegel exercises or my perineum massages, and I'll probably pay for that eventually, but I'm just coasting along for a few weeks, looking forward to some time off of work and meeting my precious son. I also haven't picked a pediatrician. Maybe I should do that sometime soon. Sleep has already become rather difficult, so maybe I'll be a little prepared for exhaustion on some level. I'm totally ready to be able to move -- dying to go for a walk! My pelvis hurts with each step I take, so it's really frustrating.

I'll leave you with my cankles/puffy feet. Oh, they get much worse than this. I got to take a nap today, so my earlier swelling went down and then I started over. But at least my toenails are pretty!



Emily said...

3 1/2 weeks! Sheesh, that's close! Cankles are hot, by the way.

Amy said...

That was seriously the fastest pregnancy ever. (For me.)

I remember agonizing over not doing perineal massages. It ended up not mattering in the least.

I can't wait for your son to arrive!

Marissa said...

I was thinking of you this morning- when our usually-cool island temp topped the chart at 88' (unheard of), and I was sweaty and miserable. Stay in the AC! You could go anytime! Good Luck!!

Hip Stitch said...

Post a picture of YOU since I last saw you a few months ago at Hip Stitch.....let's see your belly before he arrives!

Amy said...

yeah, i agree on the picture. come on, give it up. maybe your belly will make your ankles look tiny!

Robyn said...

@ Amy: it wasn't fast for me!

@ Hip Stitch (Suzanne): Every time I plan to, I just feel to awful looking. I know, let the pride go... I've had too much pizza and too many Krispy Kremes.