Monday, November 16, 2009

My Place and Yours: Through the Front Door

Meet me at Mike's had this blogger's theme for this week.

What are you greeted by when you return home? I'm greeted by warm colors and a cozy home. My entry way is important to me. I have the little bird table from Pier One that I wanted badly, topped with a plant. I have two of our favorite wedding pictures on the wall, and a sloppy basket of newspapers ready for weekly recycling.

home repair

To the immediate right is the door to the garage. The door next to that is the coat closet. Just past that is the stairs. Straight ahead is a decorative wall that blocks the kitchen table. If you turn right, you're in the den, if you turn left, you're in the kitchen. The door up ahead to the left is the half-bath and the opening directly to the left in the picture is the living room. Wow! That little entry way has a lot of doorways to other places.

If you look straight up from just inside the front door, where I'm standing, it goes up to the second floor, and there's a sunny window up there. I love that feature.

My entry way, looking up

The plant to the left hangs waaaaay down -- I hit my head on it all the time, but all the leaves are at the bottom, so I hate to trim it or it will be rather bald.

One thing about this meme that surprised me is how many people said they never use their front door, only their back doors. I've actually never been to a house where people use their back doors instead (at least, not that I know of). Maybe it's a regional thing and we just don't do much of that in New Mexico? Most every house around here has a sliding glass door that can't be unlocked from the outside.


Jennifer Juniper said...

The adults never use our front door, but our kids do. It's actually the best first impression of our home, but alas, everyone usually sees the mudroom first :(

Is that plant a philodendron? Usually, the rest will fill out if you trim the long tail back. Soon, you will have many long tails!

Robyn said...

Ahh...mudrooms. Not much use for those around here, though the idea is always fascinating to me for some reason.
But I hate the idea of living somewhere with frequent snow.

moongipsies said...

better your house than mine.... I would so not be taking photos of my house right now, as we are in the midst of a re-model.
But yours... it looks fantastic.