Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I drew a girl!

I took my first fashion design drawing class that I won at The Designer's Lounge today. I went in unable to even draw a stick figure and came out with this!

It's a great little place where you can get one-on-one instruction, and it turns out the owner and I went to elementary and middle school together! Small world, huh?


erin heels said...

Wow that is a huge step for someone who started out the class as a stick figure artist. (I am the queen of stick figures, and cats drawn out of an M an O and a Q. Luckily my audience consists of a one year old who knows no better) I hope you are proud of this achievement, that is a beautiful drawing.

Juliana said...

Robyn, that is beautiful :)

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friv 5 said...

What you can do and you are a fascination with the drawing, right? You can do better and what likeness is amazing.