Sunday, March 4, 2012

Did you miss me? Oh, you didn't even notice I was gone?

So ... it's been a while. A really long while. I think about you often, all 3 of you who come to visit. But I keep telling myself I will wait till I have something interesting to say. But I never do. Isn't that sad?

Or I'll think of something semi-amusing but then realize that it's more Facebook status update material. And I think that the only people who bother to read this blog are probably friends of mine on FB anyway.

The more I hope for inspiration, the less it comes to me. I used to share creative projects, but I have absolutely no time for myself anymore. You know, work, 1-year-old, dirty house, husband. That's how it goes.

I still work at a newspaper 3 nights a week as a copy editor. I've been there 10 years. But I also work for Warehouse Fabrics Inc. doing a sewing blog. And then I started handling their social media. And then I started handling their monthly newsletter. And then I started handling their new inventory, posting it to their website. This is both thrilling and tedious because, on the one hand, I get to admire many beautiful fabrics, and that's almost better than sewing. It's like hanging out at a fabric store all day, and who doesn't love that? On the other hand, sometimes I feel a bit swamped and struggle to find time when Brock isn't whining and pulling on my arm to get up and follow him.

Last month there was a particularly huge amount of new fabrics and it took me weeks to finish. Now we are working on a temporary project to recategorize everything on the site for search purposes. I love me a good organizing project, so for that reason I like it. But, again, sometimes I stare at my kitchen floor and think about how it would be nice if my feet didn't stick to it and I didn't have to worry about my son picking up typhoid as he rolls his cars around on it.

I'm eternally grateful to Warehouse Fabrics Inc. for the opportunity to earn money from home doing stuff I really like -- sewing, working with fabrics, writing and computer stuff. It's fantastic. But I am definitely not finding the time to blog much over here. And, you know, I don't really care. I'm so totally lucky to have this gig.

On top of regular life, I was dragged into helping to plan my high school reunion. It's this summer, in July. July is kind of freaking me out.

First weekend: Stepsister's wedding/dad's birthday
Second weekend: Son's birthday
Third weekend: 3-day class reunion that I'm responsible for, in part.
Fourth weekend: 7th wedding anniversary


I'm a little worried about how Brock will deal with the reunion weekend when we have to be out late. We could get a room at the hotel, but he refuses to sleep in a bed with us (there may be a baby-sitter on-site). As a matter of fact, he flat out refuses to sleep anywhere but his crib. Which is why we haven't traveled with him. I know that eventually he has to fall asleep, but by then, will we all be exhausted to the point of not having any fun? We don't have a baby-sitter, and my husband isn't very quick to trust a stranger in our house. We don't have any family members who would want to sleep at our house or stay there till 12:30 a.m.

The things I fret about for half a year, I tell you.

So that's my life. Busy. Kind of unexciting to everyone else, but really, really good.

I'll leave you with a slew of cutey-pie videos of the BrockMonster. Like you're going to watch them all, I know.

Locked in the Closet

Carousel Jabbering

Carousel Heaven

She's Not My Girlfriend!

Crazy Hair

No iPhone


Jane said...

Hi! I'm one of your followers! I can't recall exactly why or how I got here but I do remember liking the reason for your blog title so here I am. You sound busy. And the idea of writing more than one blog sounds like a great way to turn something fun into a no-fun obligation. But, when you feel like posting here I'll be checking in :)

Robyn said...

Thanks, Jane. Glad to know someone is out there!

l-arginine effects said...

He is so cute. Already a grown up!

Isabelle said...

Hi! I visit your blog quite regularly and I love it! I love the way you write and share your views on things. I don't even remember how I landed on it but I enjoy this little window on the other side of the Atlantic (I live near Paris in France) Most of all I like the way you deal with 'being a mother' and Brock is the cutest boy! (And yes, I've watched every single video!)
Even if you don't find time for long posts, I hope you'll keep on writing from time to time on your blog as I am not a FB fan. Ok I hate it in fact!
Anyway thank you and lots of love to you and your family from France!

Robyn said...

Isabelle, thank you so much for your comment! I love knowing there are people from other parts of the world visiting. I also love reading blogs by people in other countries. It's fun to check out what things are like so far away!