Saturday, June 4, 2011

Well, he's all grown up.

Brock took his time enjoying just being a bump on a log. But now, the shackles have been released, and the Tiny Tornado has been unleashed.


Brock is on the move. He's been on the move since the day he turned 10 months, I just don't blog often enough. It was like, nothing ... nothing ... nothing ... crawl/stand/pull up/cruise-all-at-once.

This kid is so much fun. He's always happy. He's good-natured. He's all smiles and silly sounds (uh, no "mama" yet, but swear to God, he said "Albuquerque" a bunch of times the other night. Probably can't spell it yet, though). He sleeps like a dream, har har. Seriously, kid sleeps 11-12 straight hours at night, then takes two 2-2.5 hour naps in the day.

He's an amazing little angel, and I can't believe I was so blessed to have this particular baby land in my belleh.

Brock will be 11 months old on the 13th. Can you believe it's time to plan his birthday!?!!?

Here's a little video of him shaking his booty.


Emily said...

Oh my gosh, I could watch that video all day! How cute! I'm so jealous Brock naps so well. We're lucky to get two 45-minute naps over here!! I can't believe how big he is already. Seriously, where does the time go?

Isabelle said...

What a beautiful little boy he is now!