Friday, May 20, 2011

Another gum graft

Ugh. I had to have gum surgery again yesterday. This is the second one in two years, and the third in my life. I have to say that the lead-up is pretty much the worst part. My periodontist (Dr. Richard Verderame in Rio Rancho, N.M.) is pretty awesome.

The problem is that I have very thin gums, probably due to genetics. They have to be shored up so that I don't lose my teeth eventually. So they take tissue from the palate of the mouth and transplant it to the thin or receded site. It's a longer recovery than many oral procedures have, because it's rather delicate. But I just don't know how this guy does such it so that I don't have pain afterwards. I mean, if I went and bit into a hamburger, it would hurt and cause all sorts of damage, but I feel pretty good.

Lucky for you, I'll spare you any photos with this post.

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trashmaster46 said...

I've had three done so far, and I'm figuring on at least one more eventually. I've never met anyone else who's had one done. Glad it went so well for you.