Sunday, July 4, 2010

What pregnancy has taught me

Well, I'm nine days from B-Day! Of course, he may come sooner or later, but I can't believe it's so close.

I'm very tired lately. The smallest errand really takes it out of me. Right about now, I'm so glad to have a job where I sit all day. I only have to get through this week and then I can take it easy and await the birth of my firstborn.

I just got a small burst of energy and dusted my bedroom and vacuumed upstairs, and now I am afraid I'm going to crash. Thus, I will make this snappy and get in the shower before that happens!

I will not lie. Pregnancy has been much harder on my body than I expected. Is this because I'm 36? Or is it just the way it is for everyone? I don't know. It seems to be that way for everyone.

The end of pregnancy has involved a lot of waddling and pelvic pain for me. The baby has dropped really low -- past the zero station to the 1 station. He's primed for take off! My doctor says that is good for delivery and pushing. I'm not dilated much; I've been at 1/2 cm for a while now. I'm about 60% effaced. My cervix is also still at the back, and I guess it has to shift for birth. These things don't really point to any particular birthing date, as any of them can change very quickly.

I also have had some mighty puffy feet in the last few weeks. And there's some nerve that baby presses on sometimes that sends shooting misery down the inside of my right leg. The pressure on the pubic bone also sends some shooting pains throughout my private regions. It's hard to wear pants because the bottom of my belly literally stops a couple of inches above my crotch. So most of my maternity shirts do not reach long enough to cover my tummy.

The plus side is that my entire wardrobe fits in half of a laundry basket and I don't have to bother putting my clothes away.

I've had a lot of ailments to complain about, but I'd like to point out a few things I'm thankful I didn't have:

Carpel tunnel in my wrists
Mask of pregnancy (I do have two small spots, but nothing that has taken over my face or anything)
Vomiting or extended morning sickness
Extensive weight gain (I've gained the full 30 pounds that was recommended, but not more)

I know there are more, but I can't think of them right now.

Now, on to what I've learned from pregnancy:
I'm so much stronger than I thought. I can take so much more than I expected. Women are strong ... much stronger than men! Really, I'd like to see them do this. Before, when I had an ailment, I visited the medicine cabinet. I've learned that I can take just about any misery without any kind of medicinal aid, though I thank God for Maalox. The nighttime acid reflux can get pretty vicious toward the end. Finally, mothers really do have a right to say, "... after all I've done for you!!!" This is just the beginning of sacrifices I will make for my son, and gladly!


Emily said...

Congrats on almost being finished with pregnancy!! I cannot wait to see pics of your little guy!!! I've been pretty lucky so far, too...but I sure have been packing on the pounds :(

Amy said...

Yay, Robyn! I'm so proud of you. And you're right, it's amazing how much we can survive without medicine. I used to leap for the Nyquil at the slightest sniffle, but after having several bad colds while pregnant and breastfeeding, you just have to figure out other options. Or ride it out. Anyway. Can't wait for your baby to come out and say hi! You are going to be the most wonderful mother.

moongipsies said...

Yah Robyn! You have done so beautifully... and I'm sure that in just a short time, it will be all worth it.