Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cutie-patootie purse

A while back, I picked up this Japanese-inspired fabric from Hip Stitch.


I saved the one with mushrooms to make a romper for my baby boy. I had a yard of each but didn't know what to do with the others. Being pregnant, I'm not very inspired to sew clothing for me right now. Anything I make will only fit for 12 more weeks, if I don't outgrow it before then.

So I fell back on my old standby: a bag, of course!


This is my tie-top pattern, which I will feature on the Warehouse Fabrics Inc. blog in September. I know that's a long time away, but I'm planning far in advance with the baby coming and everything.


Instead of using a magnetic snap inside of the top of the bag, I decided to do a tab closure with magnetic snap.



Edited to update: I have a tutorial for this bag on the Warehouse Fabrics Inc. blog.

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The Slop Queen said...

That is WAY cutie-patootie! Makes me want to go fondle my fabric and make my own.